Our Objectives

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Our Scientific Program strives to address both the short term goals of Industry (lowering costs by improving current technologies) and its long term goals (technology innovation: development of new processes and new materials) by:

  • 1) improving and developing cleaner sustainable methods to produce pure, high quality hydrogen at lower cost either from waste or renewable resources;
  • 2) increasing the energy density of hydrogen applications by improving and developing storage strategies that are practical and economical for both near and long term applications; and
  • 3) developing efficient and safe infrastructure strategies to facilitate the deployment of hydrogen energy technologies.

Our Future

The training of highly qualified people (HQPs) is one of the most important activities of the network with approximately 65% of the network grant funding targeted to support HQPs. By involving HQPs in cutting edge research, ensuring relevance through industrial internships, and broadening their experience through exchange programs, the Network will ensure the training of the next generation innovators who will shape the future of hydrogen technologies.

Our Events

  • Hydrogen Storage Materials Workshop, Ottawa, 28-29 April 2010